Travel Document Systems Affiliate LInks– This company provides visa & passport processing services.  I have personally used this company, mainly the Houston branch, for the past 9 years.  Their service fee is well earned, as they have saved us hundreds of dollars by insuring properly completed requirements for the destination country.

After dealing directly with an Embassy with a group of visa applications,  finding that they would not take phone calls or answer emails regarding the visa application status, and ending that stressful month of waiting with an expensive last minute cross-country flight (2 days prior to the trip’s departure!) to hand pick up the very late visas, I made a decision to find a great visa processor and stick with them.

By developing a working relationship with the nearby office, I have found Travel Docs has the expertise needed to secure even the toughest visas.  Their office is responsible reviewing each section of the completed applications, reviewing any potential issues with the client before presentation to the Embassy,  presenting the visa applications to the Embassy, fielding any questions from the Embassy,  picking up the completed applications and shipping them back to the client.
Get your travel visas and passport services handled quickly and professionally at Travel Document Systems.

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Bulletproof – One of my favorites for supplements!  I have used numerous products from Bulletproof over the years.  My favorites Affiliate links:

  • Unfair Advantage – I attribute my ability to have high energy during a very hot, 10 day tour of Israel to this product!  I take it daily and added a dose during this trip.  Instead of adding the shakes like caffeine does, this just adds energy and brain alertness.
  • Ketoprime  –  I have recently added this to my daily routine. I will add comments after I have used this for a couple of months.
  • Bulletproof Collagen Protein Bites – these bites are awesome.  At just 100 calories each, these are easy to take on trips, outings, or throw in your purse.  My body works best with a nutritious bite every 2-3 hours, without the sugar or high calories – these fit right into my daily plan.

Check out all their latest info below (affiliate links)

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Tarte – If you are looking for clean makeup products, Tarte has them.  Their foundations, mascaras, eye shadows, and really every other product they make is fantastic.  At the top of my favorites is the Maracuja Rainforest Glow Instant Matte Waterproof Body Perfector.  Affiliate link I can now wear shorts, skirts, etc without worrying about shocking the world with my *white* legs.  Great product – great results!

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