There’s more to international travel than a passport and a ticket – a lot more. I’m sharing my knowledge gained from 9 years of organizing international trips for hundreds of people like YOU!

I’ll help you think ahead and avoid situations that would ruin your trip. I specialize in helping newbie international travelers get up to speed on information they do not know to ask about.

When you travel internationally, there is no silly question or information not worth sharing. If you are new to international travel or a seasoned traveler, you will find resources and answers here to make your trip plans complete. We learn something new on each trip.

If there’s a topic you need more info on, please let me know!

For now, let’s get you organized for that trip! I’m Gwen, an expert in International Travel Organization.  Over the last 9 travel seasons, I have organized and planned the travel for hundreds of people traveling over 10,000,000 miles. I’m married to the hot guy on the left long enough to have 5 grown kids and a lifetime of experience.

The Family – 2011


My kids
My kids – family vacation 2015


I love chocolate, coffee, chalk painting, doodle art, and family vacations.

This desk shot is pretty accurate [note the chocolate!]

Please feel free to contact me directly at gwen at internationaltravelorganizer dot com.


Gwen with her hubby, Tom
Gwen with her hubby, Tom